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"Matthias Series" products and aromatic essential oils are mainly used by professionals such as physicians, beauty spa masseurs, aromatherapists, etc., and are widely used in the manufacture of counters of major well-known cosmetic companies and department stores. At the same time, the National Yangming Medical College's immune regenerative science has also commissioned and applied, and "Matthias." manufactures products such as cell regeneration factor technology. In addition, "Matthias" is also actively entering the international market. The primary goal is to target the Chinese market. It will expand into a wide range of channels, expand its business blueprint, and assist Chinese health care products manufacturers to set up new businesses. The channel marketing experience was copied to the other side. The research and development process of "Matthias", the birth and manufacture of all product series, are laid on the core objectives of strict compliance with safety, stability and stability. Mr. Chen Xuying's business philosophy is: "Safety before the effect, the price is not better than Value is important." Using innovative technology and equipment, and in the research center, after a long period of continuous testing and adjustment, this cutting-edge innovative technology and equipment, in the professional field, can achieve the most pure active ingredients, the final result can be The achievement of "Matthias" is the ultimate expectation of customers' skin. Its product manufacturing process and the use of cultivated biotechnology, all care for all nature, will not cause river pollution. The balance of all manufactured products in the ecological environment is the original intention of the brand and the purpose of future product development.


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