Resurrection Grass Series - Set

Resurrection Grass Series - Set

* Conditioning water

Efficacy: Youth care is not old formula, including rejuvenating grass, 

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    5 into the set - gift mask * 3 pieces


    * Conditioning water effect: Youth care is not old formula, including rejuvenating grass, trehalose, pullulan, serine and other natural branched glucose to form a rejuvenating moisturizing ingredient, to activate aging cells, tighten pores, strengthen complex moisturizing function * Cleansing cream effect: Extracted from three different plants in different regions, rich in saponin, foamy, so that the basic washing action brings more fun * Essence effect: Effectively reduce the formation of histamine, redness and swelling, protect skin Not susceptible to external stimuli, especially natural sensitive skin. Moisturizing, anti-allergic, reddening, simultaneous upgrade * Good morning cream effect: It is compounded by resurrection grass, white chrysanthemum extract, magnol, tea, seaweed, etc. It can effectively prevent free radical production, shrink microvascular, anti-inflammatory and sedative, Go to red, etc., suitable for daytime basic maintenance and protection * Good night cream effect: through the development of green chemistry, sunflower derivative conversion, extracting its essence in fermented mash and rice bran, effective treatment of enlarged pores and aging spots, among which precious plants Extract, which can activate cells, reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and smoothness, and make skin bright and radiant. **Love Mask** (Gifts) Efficacy: Contains many precious extracts, beetroot extract effectively moisturizes; , Magnol, xylitol, xylitol-based glucose alcohol is very effective for redness, embossing and repairing


    After cleaning and conditioning, take appropriate amount.


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