Chinoz Lab L.A Concentrate Essence can reduce the activity of tyrosinase, preventing melanin production, also to restore the formation of melanin, the same time restore and lighten pigmentation. To prevent damage of ultraviolet stimulation of the skin, prevent skin aging, and help the formation of collagen. To increase skin firmness and elasticity, and significant improvement of the dark skin tone, fine lines, pores and other skin problems. Skin be more supple and resilient.

Four effects of Chinoz Lab

1) Promote blood circulation and restore skin radiance
2) Isolation UV, reject pigmentation
3) Prevent damage to the skin aging, makes you young and glory
4) Remove dull, to give you white, bright & water-clear skin

Soothing Lotion

Enhance skin immunity and resistance, balance PH value. Purify the skin, effective soothing and calming,supply moisture and nutrients. Provide skin vitality and luster look.

All skin Types (especially for allergic skin)

Aqua Cleansing Solution

The latest formulation, thoroughly clean the skin, softening and removal of skin aging cells, provide skin with fresh, comfortable and not taut feeling; lock in moisture, perfect balance of hydration, soothing, leaving skin moist with crystal clear.

All skin Types (especially dry, mixed skin)

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Powerful moisturizing and firming effect, It provides outstanding hydrating and lifting effect on the skin, allow the skin to have deeper moisturizing , enhance skin’s hydration level, against the skin aging, remove wrinkles. Repair damaged skin, help in smoothing out wrinkles and lines. Prevent sagging skin, Skin feeling fresh, supple and not greasy.

Application : All Skin Type.

Age Defence

Moisturing and nutrients skin, repair damaged skin, improve skin health and vitality. Snail mucus rich in natural essence, moisture deep to the skin, restore, renew and prevent skin aging.

Application: All skin Type (especially dry, mixed skin)

Vitale I System

Breakthrough barrier ability of the cells to activate genes, so that the eye cell vibrant. The effect on deep skin, better penetration, relieve eye fatigue, hydrate and moisturizing, let eye skin smooth and supple. To promote the production of collagen and elastic fibers, can effectively remove fine lines, smooth wrinkles, reduce eye puffiness & dark circle, giving the skin soft and smooth feel.

Signature Peach UV Protection SPF 30

Light and not greasy texture, can block harmful UVA + UVB damage and excellent
sunscreen isolation. It has nutritional moisturizing, enhance the skin's resilience and prevent external stimuli, cover skin blemish, smooth and hydra skin , regulate sebum, isolated from the outside sunlight, dust and other harmful substances damage to the skin. Provide a glossy skin.


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