The Spirit of Energy 精神的能量

A mood is a very general emotional state that can dramatically affect how you experience life. When you are in a good mood, things seems to go your way. Whereas, when you are in a bad mood, it can feel like you have to left feet and can’t seem to get sync with your life. Sometimes you just wake up in a bad mood or something happens that triggers a bad mood. Chakra Essential oils are great for creating an ambience that will immediately shift a bad mood – or enhance an already good one – so that u feel even better almost instantly.

Research has also shown that essentials oils act as powerful chemicals to trigger the limbic part of your brain that controls emotions, memory and mood. When imbalance in one chakra affects the others. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “Wheel of Light”. Traditionally there are seven of them and they are the energy centres of our etheric bodies. They appear as wheel like vortices of pure energy and are sometimes referred to as “lotuses”. When we are deeply connected on a spiritual level they can become spheres of radiant energy. CG Jung referred to the chakras as gateways of consciousness. Each chakra has its own purpose, association and connection and it is important for them to be balanced and in harmony with each other. The way we feel on an emotional level links into our chakra system and because each chakra is linked to different emotional states this can affect our overall sense of physical wellbeing. When one or more of our chakras is out of balance this will affect our whole system.

Adrenals – Root (1st) Chakra – Bewteen anus & genitals

When in balance we feel secure, connected, supported, strong, trusting and safe.

When out of balance we feel insecure, angry, annoyed, irritated and worried about our basic needs such as money, food and shelter.

Essential oil to use : Cedarwood, Myrrh, Patchouli

Ovaries/Testes – Sacral (2nd) Chakra – lower abdomen, between navel & genitals

When in balance we feel brave, passionate, energetic, outgoing, confident, considerate, creative, spontaneous, excited, open, kind and happily connected to life.

When out of balance we feel unsure of ourselves in relationships, vulnerability and fear in expressing truths leading to suppressing needs, feeling betrayed, addicted, frustrated, regret, anxiety, stress and guilt.

Essential oil to use : Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood

Pancreas – Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra – between navel & base of sternum

When in balance we feel positive, whole, self-respect, compassion, self-esteem, personal power, a sense of separate self, confidence, hope and assertive.

When out of balance we feel powerless, worthless, self-critical, fear, shame, rejected and self-conscious. There is a need to dominate and control from fear of trust in the natural flow.

Essential oil to use : Vetivert, Ylang ylang, Bergamot

Thymus – Heart (4th) Chakra – Centre of chest

When in balance we feel joy, gratitude, love, unity of divine, compassion, trust, faith, pride, acceptance, inspiration, forgiveness and empathy.

When out of balance we feel jealous, abandoned, anger, bitterness, fear, rejection, envy, conditional love.

Essential oil to use : Rose, Bergamot, Melissa

Thyroid/Parathyroid – Throat (5th) Chakra – Centrally at base of neck

When in balance we feel we can relax, communicate freely, express ourselves, be who we are, honest, truthful, congruent. Also be silent and intuitive.

When out of balance we feel powerless to speak out, fear of being judged, rejected and this can lead to feeling out of control, hurt, sad, negative and resentful.

Essential oil to use : Chamomile, Myrrh

Pituitary – Third Eye (6th) Chakra – Above and between eyebrows

When in balance we feel clear, empathic, focused, can determine between truth and illusion. We are open to receiving wisdom, insight and intelligence. There is an awareness of a spiritual connective realm beyond the physical.

When out of balance we reject ideas of spiritual aspects of life, can be in fear of self and others, exaggerate truths, feel volatile, moody and are unable to self-reflect. Only sees the obvious, black and white of life.

Essential oil to use : Hyacinth, Violet, Rose geranium

Pineal – Crown (7th) Chakra – Top of head

When in balance we feel empowered, calm, valued, present to the moment, trusting of ourselves and the the flow of life. See ourselves as a reflection of the divine. Can abandon ego for a higher universal purpose.

When out of balance we feel confusion, fear, alienation, depression. We may have very fixed thoughts on religion and spirituality, be black and white thinkers who are not able to go with the flow.

Essential oil to use : Lavender, Frankincense, Rosewood

More and more people are taking responsibility for their health, which is fuel a growing revolution in the ‘Do-it-Yourself” movement. The practice of aromatherapy truly lends itself to this new holistic health care systems we use, spawning a new vision of health care in our future.

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